• 2-6 players
  • 45-90 minutes
  • 12 years+

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Relax. It's just a board game.

Yep, it sure has been a nasty campaign.

In fact, it's been a nasty year in general. What better way to remember it than with a board game. Swing State Steal will take you on a journey through the campaign trail leading up to the election, the day of election, the night of vote counting and weeks leading up to final vote and certification.

Now remember: Swing State Steal is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to this game and actual events are, well, coincidental. Nothing like this could possibly happen in real life.

I mean, where are we living? In a third world country?


A Party Game of Theft

It all comes down to the Swing States. This is where the election is determined and where the battle lines are drawn.

You can play either as the Incumbent President, or you can play as the Secretary of State for one of the Swing States that is controlled by the other party. It's all against one. Hasn't it always been?

But the Swing States are determined to win this election. No Matter what it takes. Even if they have to stay up all night counting votes. Even if some vote counters have to stay late and work through the night.

Relive a Magical Time.

This will go down as one of the strangest years in the country's history. And you get a chance to enjoy it again.

It's all here. The boat parades. The Pandemic. The Cancel Culture. The Riots. Left-wing Globalists. The Laptop!!

Such Fun!!

And let's not forget the cheating. Mail-in ballot cheating. Poll watcher cheating. Dead guys voting in droves!

Can the Incumbent president navigate public opinion, the Main-Stream-Media and win the swing votes he needs? Can he get them back after they've been stolen?

Here's how to play

It's all about the V's, baby.

One "V" is roughly 20,000 votes. And everyone want's em. The Incumbent and the Challenger (through the Swing State opponents) are building them up during the Campaign. But the Swing State officials have decided they are going to tilt the election in favor of the Challenger through a carefully concocted suite of cheats at every level.

The real action takes place after the polls close.

But all is not lost! While this is going on, the Incumbent is quietly collecting evidence against this skulduggery. In the final act of this play of Greek proportions, a high-stakes card game will determine the winner when the ballots are offically counted on January 6th.

Who Will Win??


1 20"x20" game board, 1 Deck 18 Card Evidence Cards, 1 Deck 55 Card News Cards, 1 Deck 72 Cheat Cards, 1 Die, 144 punch-out V chips, 6 Pawns


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